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What we offer

Sustainable energy

Sustainable energy is becoming increasingly important and the demand for it will only increase further in the coming years. Veldman Group has been contributing to this for years by means of our solar energy department. These days, however, we also offer many more sustainable energy sources.

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Photovoltaic panels of excellent quality

Veldman Techniek only uses the newest solar panels of worldwide top producers. The quality of these solar panels is checked during several tests. Because of this we can guarantee a product guarantee of minimally 80% after 25 years.

Inverters with high profitability
The inverter is the device that changes the direct current originating form the solar panels into alternating current of 230/400 Volt and 50 Hz yield. The yield of this device is of essential importance for the yield of your installation. Veldman Techniek uses inverters from the brands SMA and Solaredge. These are qualitatively sound inverters with a guarantee of 5 to 25 years.

Adjusting your meter cupboard and production monitoring
Your meter cupboard will be equiped with an extra connection group and a possible production meter. Veldman Techniek will ensure that this meter will be placed by the network administrator. The power production can be checked by Veldman Techniek through the network as an extra service, so no days of production go to waste in case of a malfunction.

Perfectly tailored mounting
For an angled roof, tiles, currugated sheets, dam wall, sheet piling, and sandwich panels. For a flat roof; in the facade (also serving as sun shade); on the ground.

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