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Dry feed (circular circuits)


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If you want a feeding machine that fills all feeding troughs or dosators , a circulation system is what you need.

You can also use multiple types of feed. This can, among other things, be done by placing multiple circuits or by using a multiple position valve. A circulation system that is using the multiple position valves can be controlled by a Microfan computer. The Microfan computer directs the spindle motor. This spindle motor in turn directs the valves. Each type of feed is connected to a certain position of the spindle motor. This makes it possible to set the type of feed seperately for each drain. We can deliver several kinds of circuits. The feed circulation system that is most suited for you, depends on the required length and your preferences. For larger circuits we can deliver the Super-Chain and for the smaller, simpler circuits the Multiflo. There is also a standard system for average circuits. We mainly use the brand Chore-time.

Among others, a circulation circuit consists of:

  • The silo;
  • The filling jack from the silo to the circuit;
  • The circuit;
  • The driving machine;
  • The drains and/or dosators;
  • The control by means of computer or press box.

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