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Pad Cooling


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Pad Cooling

For an efficient cooling in pig stables we offer Pad Cooling with cooling units that cool the incoming air with water that flows through a plastic package place in front of the air inlet. An important advantage of this method of cooling is that it uses very little energy while the temperature can be significantly reduced.

The Pad Cooling has a very long lifespan, because all parts used are made of UV-resistant PVC or stainless steel. This form of pad cooling lasts up to 5 times longer than paper coolpads.

pad cooling

Adjustable cooling capacity

The controller provides linear control of the cooling capacity. This means that the conditions in the stable are precisely tailored to the needs of the animals and that there are no temperature fluctuations. A big advantage over existing path cooling systems that can only be controlled on/off or modulating. The Pad Cooling prevents stress among the animals and guarantees undisturbed growth.

Higher occupancy with less dropout

A high occupancy at high temperatures is a challenge for every pig farmer. At high outside temperatures, the chance of heat stress increases. Heat stress occurs when an animal is no longer able to regulate its body temperature due to high temperatures and humidity. This has consequences for the health of the animals. A ventilation system in combination with a Pad Cooling offers excellent possibilities to keep the animals in their comfort zone. Even at full occupancy and extremely high outside temperatures, the animals continue to grow.


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