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Cleaning solar panels

Sustainable energy

Sustainable energy is becoming increasingly important and the demand for will only increase further in the coming years. Veldman Group has been contributing to this for years by means of our solar energy department. These days, however, we also offer many more sustainable energy sources.

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Cleaning of your solar panels

One of the most important parts of your installation are of course the solar panels. Over time, your panels can become dirty. We now offer you the solution for this!

Why is cleaning of your solar panels important?

Contaminated solar panels provide less efficiency. The yield of your solar panels can decrease by about 5 to 15%, depending on the pollution. It is therefore important to keep your solar panels clean. By cleaning your solar panels you prevent them from becoming heavily contaminated, so that the solar cells receive less radiation from the sun.

The cleaning

Solar panels are fragile, so a careful handling is essential. We use a cleaning system specially manufactured for the panels. ‘Normal’ water can stain your panels. Our water softening system, in combination with the specially manufactured ISolar 800 brush, ensures optimal cleaning and preservation of your panels. In addition to cleaning, we also subject the solar panels to a visual inspection in which visible defects are reported to you. In this way, together we ensure the highest possible efficiency of the installation.

When you participate with your neighbors, we can offer you in consultation a discount. There are no call-out charges for projects within a radius of 25 kilometers.



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