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Electrical inspection

An electricity inspection gives you insight into the state of maintenance of the electrical installation. With these insights, every entrepreneur can have maintenance carried out before problems arise.

The most common electrical defects are:

  1. Pollution / oxidation
  2. Gnawing on cabling
  3. Damaged switchgear
  4. Lighting
  5. Unsealed switch and distribution boxes
  6. Overload

The electrical inspection consists of:

  • Visual inspection
  • Measurement and testing
  • Reporting of the findings


We can carry out this inspection for you. Our certified electrical inspector will take you on a tour of your company. You will receive tips to improve fire safety at your company and points for attention are identified. After the visit, the electricity inspector makes a report. In the report you can see whether your installation meets the safety requirements. If there are any problems, the report also indicates which defects require a solution first. If desired, we can also resolve the recovery points for you.

We can perform the following inspections for you:


  • NEN1010 is the standard for low voltage installations. NEN1010 indicates how low voltage installations are safely installed, expanded and adapted. In addition, the standard provides clarity about checks and inspections when projects are delivered. As well for homes, as for non-residential and industrial buildings.


  • NEN3140 is the standard that electrical installations in homes and commercial buildings must comply. This NEN3140 inspection is a periodic inspection of your existing electrical installations. During this inspection, your electrical installation is tested on various aspects aimed at safe operation. Each operator of an electronic installation must also comply with a security policy.

We became SCIOS certified for Scope 8 and 10 on 1 July.

Scope 8

  • The SCIOS Scope 8 inspection provides safety provisions for the operation of low voltage installations. The purpose of this is to prevent contact hazard, fire hazard and malfunction. This electricity inspection focuses on your total electrical installation.

Scope 10

  • The SCIOS Scope 10 inspection is a method for assessing electrical equipment for fire risks. The method mapping the fire safety of installations and connected equipment. The assessment takes into account the way in which you use the electrical installation and the environment.

We became also SCIOS certified for Scope 12 on 5 January.

Scope 12

  • Scope 12 is the inspection of solar power installations on the DC and AC side, whereby the scope on the AC side extends from the inverter (s) of the PV installation to the main connection.
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