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Farrowing stable floors


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We offer several kinds of farrowing pen floors.

In this, the choice is mainly between standard floors and a balance floor.

Balance floors:

The platform underneath the sow rises as soon as the sow stands up with a balance floor. When the sow lies down the frame lowers again, so the piglets can drink safely.

This system has the following advantages:

  • reduction in labor
  • reduction of piglet mortality by sows lying on piglets
  • short pay back time

Standard floors:

Next to the balance floors, we also supply a lot of standard farrowing pen floors. These are also available in several versions and can be, just like the balance floor, supplied to customer specific dimensions. All floors can be executed with synthetics or cast iron underneath the sow, this for extra cooling of the sow. Next to that, there is the possibility to choose for welded and after that coated grate frames, or for harder synthetic grates.

Lying areas

All floors can be equipped with heated lying areas for the piglets. These lying areas have also optimal grip and comfort.

The lying area is characterized by the following points:

  • Integrated in the Super Coated
  • Slatted floor, no seams
  • Also in a removable version
  • Water heated
  • Comfortable: coating feels warm
  • Hygienic: easy to clean
  • Optionally to be insulated


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