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Valego RDE & TDE laying nest


Veldman Interior is your partner for everything related to poultry. Veldman are able to supply the complete package, from building shell to installations. Something that is unique in the Dutch market.

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The laying nests have several advantages:

  • Valego RDE laying nest & Valego TDE laying nest specially developed for mother animals
  • Click and Fix mounting system, no double sides
  • Valego RDE laying nest equipped with a special expulsion system
  • Chickens cannot pick eggs due to the special turnip position at the Valego RDE laying nest
  • The plastic grids are made of high-quality polypropylene and have an open structure for good manure passage
  • FSC hardwood slatted grid available
  • Many versions possible

The Valego RDE laying nest has been developed for breeders and laying hens and is equipped with a special expelling system that combines the advantages of a tipping bottom nest and nest with expulsion gate.

The Rack Drive Expulsion system with moving expulsion gate closely follows the slope of the Astroturf mats, so that all chickens are expelled from the nest and no dead chickens can remain in the nests.

The Valego TDE laying nest has been specially developed for mother animals. The Torque Drive Expulsion system with movable expulsion gate ensures that all hens are driven out of the nest safely and reliably.

As well the Valego RDE as the TDE laying nest are equipped with the smart click and fix system that results in a shorter installation time. This also ensures a robust construction and makes maintenance very easy. These nests use high-quality materials that guarantee a long lifespan and a reliable operation.


The hardwood grids are fitted with stainless steel staples. The grids are of Dutch manufacture and of a very solid quality. These grids can be easily cleaned. They are easy to set up and take down and friendly to the animals’ legs. These grids also have a good manure passage.

The plastic grids used in the system are made of high-quality polypropylene. The grids are easy to clean. The mesh size of the slats ensures an open structure with good grip for the hens and a good manure passage.

Egg belts are available in 250mm & 500mm and in woven and perforated polypropylene.

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