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About us

The Veldman Group is a real family business with a strong entrepreneurial spirit. We have existed for more than 30 years and work with more than 100 employees. The second generation has been working for the company for a number of years and together we are growing to the next phase of our company. Quality is the most important aspect in our services.

The various companies of the Veldman Group are: Veldman Techniek, Veldman Bouw, Technical Export, Veldmaz Detachering, and VeMa Trading. Veldman Group is mainly active in the agricultural sector, customers can contact us for everything that has to do with stables. Our specialty is pigsties, but we are also active in the poultry, cattle, horse, sheep and goat stables. We do this at home and abroad. In addition to the agricultural sector, we are also involved in asbestos remediation and sustainable energy.

Mission Veldman Group:

We are a family business with years of knowledge and experience. We are the total supplier in the construction, (sustainable) technology and agricultural sector. We have a no-nonsense mentality and always come up with a solution.

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