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Sustainable energy

Sustainable energy is becoming increasingly important and the demand for it will only increase further in the coming years. Veldman Group has been contributing to this for years by means of our solar energy department. These days, however, we also offer many more sustainable energy sources.

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Solar energy

The efficiency of solar panels continues to increase. Solar energy is therefore more current than ever. Curious about what we can do for you in this? More information

Cleaning solar panels

One of the most important parts of your installation are of course the solar panels. Over time, your panels can become dirty. We now offer you the solution for this! More information

Biomass boilers

Curious about other sustainable energy sources that we offer in addition to solar energy? More information

Heat recovery

There are various ways for a company to recover heat (WTW). More information


Good lighting has a major influence on the well-being and hormone balance of your animals. More information
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