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Meat pigs


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A meat pigsty can be set up in different ways. Below you can read more about the different stable equipment that we offer.

Synthethic stable equipment

We can supply synthethic stable equipment for your meat pigsty. Synthethic stable equipment can be cleaned better and faster. This ensures top hygiene in your stable.


Concrete stable equipment

Next to synthethic stable equipment, Veldman also supplies concrete stable equipment for meat pigs. Below you can find an impression of concrete stable equipment supplied by us:



Veldman Group is dealer of Nedap for a PorkTuner in your meat pigs stable. By means of the system you can individually control the growth of the meatpigs according to the weight you have in mind. The PorkTuner sorts meat pigs based on weight. Based on the weight, the system automatically sends each pig to the feeding area. Here the pig gets the right amount of feed. When the pig has reached the weight goal, which you have set in advance, the system selects the pig to the selection area. The PorkTuner allows you to get the maximum return from your meat pigs.

You can also opt for trays in your meat pig stable. Click here for more information about platforms in your stable.

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