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Veldman Group supplies several heating systems for your pig stable.

The climate of a stable depends on several factors. The heating plays a major role in making it pleasant for the animals to be kept. Because every kept animal has a different heat demand, it is a different piece of customization for every barn. We as Veldman Techniek are happy to help you.

Below you can read more about the heating techniques that we often use.

The delta panel/ flat plate heating

The delta panels and / or flat plate panels are often used, this is because these panels transfer a lot of heat over a relatively short distance, these panels are user-friendly and easy to install in any stable.

Floor heating

With the floor heating, large surfaces can be heated in a short time. It is also possible to connect a circulation system to the floor heating, you can read more about this below. Floor heating is increasingly common, with this you can quickly and effectively get heat from the floor to the animals.

bolle vloeren

Circulation system

In a circulating system it is possible to circulate without an external heat source. The heat that is released by the larger animals is transferred through the floor into the pipe and that heat is transported back to the animals that do have a heat demand. The circulation system is together with the floor hoses a nice solution for heating the smaller animals. It is of course possible to heat with an external heat source.

Other sustainable solutions or heat recovery processes can be found on the page sustainable energy.

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