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Veldman Interior is your partner for everything related to poultry. Veldman are able to supply the complete package, from building shell to installations. Something that is unique in the Dutch market.

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Valego Egg Elevator

  • Transports eggs from different heights
  • Flexible intake: eggs can enter the elevator from 1 or 2 egg belts, at any height
  • Flexible discharge: transfer height allows optimal discharge of eggs onto cross conveyor or egg collection table
  • Safe and gentle handling of eggs by plastic carriers


Valego Egg Belt Return Unit

  • Return unit Classic with spiral integrated in the return roller removes any remains left on egg belts
  • Return unit with brush for plastic egg belts; brushes off the dus and destatics egg belts
  • Both return units are tension adjustable

Valego Control Unit

  • Advanced control features for the expulsion systems of Valego nests TDE, RDE, MFE
  • Programs the daily opening and closing of expulsion systems to optimize the period when hens have access tot nests
  • Suitable for manual control
  • Optional monitoring of external switches and optional alarm signal to external control


Valego Drive Unit

  • Motorized drive unit for 1 or 2 egg belts
  • Safely transfers eggs onto egg collection table, cross conveyor or egg elevator
  • Variable speed from 0.8 to 4m/min


Valego Drive Unit with Egg Collection Table

  • Motorized drive unit for 1 or 2 egg belts
  • Integrated table for manual egg packing
  • Variable speed from 0.8 to 4m/min


Valego Conveyor

  • Transports eggs from any egg belt height to a convenient working height of egg collection table
  • Provides a bridge between different heights of egg belt and collection table
  • Operated by Valego drive unit motor
  • Safe and gentle handling of eggs by plastic rods


Valego Frequency Converter & Emergency Stop

  • Frequency convertor adjusts the speed of egg belt
  • Large, eye-catching emergency stop ensures optimal safety
  • Both could be mounted on table and drive unit



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