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Emergency Power generator


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Emergency power generator

Veldman Group is your partner for various applications and industries, so continuity is very important for us and for you. Business operations must always be able to continue, even in the event of power cuts. A generator is the solution for this and is indispensable to guarantee your operational reliability.

We can supply countless generators for various applications. Why is a generator indispensable? The generator’s emergency power system automatically disconnects the building from the landline when the power fails or deviates too much. Then it turns automatically on and supplies it power to the location.  An emergency power generator is a very reliable partner, because it also automatically switches back to the landline and puts the generator to rest as soon as the mains voltage is back.

It is good to know that some insurance policies make it mandatory to have an emergency power system. The emergency power generators are fully custom-made and are available in all capacities, from 1 kVA to 3000 kVA and larger. In addition, there are various advantages associated with the emergency power generator:

  • Electronic speed control as standard from 63 kVA
  • Automatic monthly test run
  • 24/7 service breakdown service
  • Alarm lamp LED bicolor for wall mounting as standard
  • Control PLC of the switches supplied with 24 V DC
  • SCIOS-Ready executed generators
  • Control box executed in IP56
  • Load and unload testing, easily via rotary knob
  • Memory up to 300 events (insurer often requires test registration)
  • Also manually operated mains generator switches
  • Generator protection switch with trip function
  • Built-in trickle charger
  • Aluminum base tank with tank gauge

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