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CDI feeding systems


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Do you want to dose portions mixed feed per feeding valve? Then is the CDI feeding system what for you.

The F71/L71 is a practical computer of used to control a dry feed installation for multiphase feeding. It precisely calculates the size and blend of the portions per valve. The number of animals and their age are used in these calculations. The calculations are repeated every day to ensure feed matches the animals’ needs and is accurate to the gram. Transitions are very gradual so the animals have no problem adapting to different feed.

Such a feeding systems usually consists of:

  • The F71/L71 as control of the feeding machine;
  • Silos with the desired dry feed components;
  • Filling jacks from the silos to the weigher;
  • A weigher;
  • A silo hut for the weigher (the weigher can also be placed inside);
  • A supply jack from the weigher into the stable, this can be done in length or in width;
  • A drainage jack from the supply jack to the feeding troughs;
  • Pneumatic valves for underneath the drainage jacks;
  • Valve blocks.

Complete control of the feeding process:

  • Ingredients can be dosed in based on an increase in weight, pulses or time.
  • The exact portion size and composition is calculated per valve.
  • There are two ways of dosing out:
    1.based on registration/dosing; dosing stops when the entered amount of feed has been reached.
    2.based on ad libitum sensor feeding; feed is dosed during the entire feeding time as long as the trough sensors haven’t detected any feed.
  • For a higher dosing rate, the feed can be prepared and dosed out simultaneously. Several portions can be in the feeding system at the same time.
  • The feed composition can be changed daily to precisely suit the animals’ need.

 The F71 ot L71 dry feed computer

Two control principles:

  • Circuit control pumping where the feed is sent past all valves in a closed circuit through the house.
  • Route control sends the feed via flex augers in a fixed route directly to the valves.

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