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Veldman Bouw offers more than standard work, we are a total builder that thinks along creatively and advises. Our strength is in our team of real craftsmen who know what quality is.

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Veldman Bouw is your partner for every type of stable.

Whether it concerns pig, cow, goats, or poultry stables, Veldman Bouw is the place to go. Because of our many years of experience and experienced craftsmen, we can always offer a suitable solution. Because of our unique combination of Veldman Bouw and Veldman techniek, we can offer you turn-key projects. Add our very broad experience in several sectors to that, and that makes Veldman Bouw a unique construction company.

New building or expansion of your stable?

Veldman is the construction partner with knowledge about the agricultural company. One of the ways in which the expertise of the acknowledged construction company is expressed is through the concrete constructions.

Relocation and total built

Veldman is an  all-round contractor and thus realises complete new building of agricultural companies on a regular basis, often as part of farm relocation. We realise as many commercial wishes as possible, for every new or to be relocated farm. The house will also be a dream home.

Concrete basement – basement construction

Veldman is an expert in the area of (manure) basement construction. Veldman has many years of experience in basement construction, because of the specialized material – the valves and the formwork. The basement construction happens quickly and the end result is of high quality. Next to new building of basements, expansion is also possible. The basements are poured or a hollow wall system is used.

Extensive consultation is in place about the lay-out of the stable or barn construction. After all, the construction needs to blend in with the existing situation.


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