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Dry feed (jacks)


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Veldman Techniek is your supplier for various types and sizes of dry feed jacks.

If you want to fill your feed troughs, feeding stations, wheelbarrow or feed cart in a simple way, you can use a jacks system. These can be supplied as a flex jack, this is a jack with plastic jack tubes and as a rigid jack, these are steel tubes and screws.

Flex jacks

We can supply the flex jacks in single-walled and double-walled pipes. The double-walled pipes have a longer lifespan.

We can supply the flex jacks with single-walled tubes in the following sizes:

  • MDL 55 (spiral tubes of Ø2.20 in)
  • MDL 75 (spiral tubes of Ø3.03 in)
  • MDL 90 (spiral tubes of Ø3.50 in)
  • MDL 108 (spiral tubes of Ø4.49 in)

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We can supply the double-walled flex jacks in the following sizes:

  • Double-walled tube Ø3.15 in
  • Double-walled tube Ø3.50 in
  • Double-walled tube Ø4.49 in
  • Double-walled tube Ø5.16 in

dry feed(jacks)

Rigid jacks / screw conveyors

In addition to flex jacks, we can also supply transport screws. These consist of a steel tube containing a screw conveyor.

The standard dimensions of these transport screws are:

  • Ø4.02 in
  • Ø5.91 in

The length of 1 part of the screw is 6 meters. The jack can also be made shorter or longer at your request. The rigid jack can be shortened if it is 6 meters too long and can be made longer with the help of connecting pieces.

droogvoer (vijzels)

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