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Dry feed troughs


Veldman Interior is your partner for everything related to Pigs. Because of our many years of experience, we can always provide you with advice or a customized product.

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Veldman Group is dealer of almost all renowned dry feed trough suppliers.

Because of this, we can supply almost all types of dry feed troughs in several price categories. For example, we offer troughs and speed feeders, but also many other types. The troughs can be used for sensor-controlled feeding. Troughs are also very strong and hygienic. Speed ​​feeders are feeders for larger groups of pigs. The feed is dosed via a dosing mechanism. We also offer different types of dry feed troughs from Groba. These feeders have stainless steel fronts and feed slides.

Are you interested in a trough or speed feeder or do you want information about food bowls that we can supply even more? Then contact us!


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