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Heat recovery

Sustainable energy

Sustainable energy is becoming increasingly important and the demand for it will only increase further in the coming years. Veldman Group has been contributing to this for years by means of our solar energy department. These days, however, we also offer many more sustainable energy sources.

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We as Veldman Interior BV strive to deliver the best possible functioning and profitable installation to the customer. This means that we are also increasingly looking at how we can reuse the warm air or hot water, in order to have as little consumption as possible or to “waste” as little water or air as possible.

There are several ways to recover heat (HRV) for a company:

Balans ventilation system with heat recovery

With heat recovery, the extracted air that is blown outwards is passed through the HRV unit, but at the same time incoming air is also passed through the HRV unit. By means of a heat exchanger there is a heat transfer from the warm outgoing air to the cold incoming air. As a result, the warm air is reused, which ultimately means that less additional heating is required.

Heat pump with heating circuit

Via a heat pump, hot water is transported from an air washer through pipes to a separate circuit in a building or to the existing heating circuit in a building. This means that there is continuous hot water (23 degrees) available. This means there are less heating costs for heating the water. The efficiency is high because you reuse something that has already been heated. This method of heat recovery also uses a buffer tank to match fluctuations in energy supply and demand as much as possible. This buffer vessel is fitted with a spiral so that we can work with separate energy flows.

Central heating installation

Energy can be extracted from the air washer via a tube exchanger in combination with a heat pump connected to a central heating system. By exchanging the warm ventilation air and the washing water, heat can be recovered from the air washer without adversely affecting it. This heat will be transported to the heat pump by a tube exchanger specially designed for this concept. The heat pump will raise the temperature to approximately 50 degrees and then be delivered to the installation by means of a buffer vessel. The heat will be used in rooms with a heat requirement as well as transported to various buildings via a site pipe. In the summer period, the heat will be extracted from the underfloor heating in the sections with heavy pigs. If there is too much heat produced and the cooling is desired, the excess heat will be destroyed in the air washer. Click here for more information about air washers.

Circulation system

Cooling and heating of floors can be realized by means of a circulating pump system. This system is made of PVC, which ensures that with underfloor heating you can transfer the warm floor water to a cold part, or vice versa. This is a fairly simple and relatively inexpensive installation, even in use.


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