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Climate control system


Veldman Techniek is your partner for everything related to poultry. Veldman are able to supply the complete package, from building shell to installations. Something that is unique in the Dutch market.

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Veldman Group supplies several products to optimize the climate in your stable.

A better climate leads to better-performing birds. And without the proper air delivery systems in place, not even the best aviary or nest system will perform up to expectations. This is why proper ventilation and climate control products are vital to the success of any operation. From the simplest to the most complex system design, Chore-Time offers the expertise and reliable ventilation products to meet any need. There are four different types of control systems:

Controls & Software

A variety of Chore-Tronics Controllers and Management Tools are offered to monitor and maintain all aspects of your operation, as well as the software for precise, flexible in-house control and analysis.

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Cooling & Heating

Innovative Turbo-Cool Evaporative Cooling Systems provide uniform water distribution to maximize house-cooling efficiency. The Dura-Therm Space Heaters probide reliable, efficient heat for young birds as well as for use during cool weather.

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Fans & Shutters

From economical minimum-ventilation fans to industry-leading, 57-inch Endura Fans, Chore-Time offers solutions to ensure proper, efficient airflow with high performance.


Inlets & Winches

Air inlets include highly efficient tunnel doors, ceiling inlets and sidewall inlets for proper air mixing throughout the house. Effective winch designs simplify inlet control.



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