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Liquid feed installation


Veldman Interior is your partner for everything related to Pigs. Because of our many years of experience, we can always provide you with advice or a customized product.

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For every stable a suitable liquid feed system

Your wishes, the size of your company and your way of feeding determine which system is most appropriate for your company. Our liquid feed systems control the entire feeding process from storage and production to the dosing of the feed in the troughs. Because of the flexible construction of our liquid feed systems, you will automate exactly what you need. Expansion of the system at a later stage always remains a possibility.

Project guidance

Veldman group delivers complete installations, including all peripheral equipment, where you can count on professional project guidance from design until start-up phase. We will think along with you from the beginning and guarantee that the installation will do exactly what you expect after completion of the project. We use qualitatively good materials, so you can rely on the installation working for years without any problems.

Feed management

Your liquid feed system is equipped with an extensive registration of supplies and feed usage and is thus a useful management tool. You will always know what has been fed and will have insight into the daily costs. You have control over the feed composition and you can intervene timely if the situation asks for it.


The system uses SensorFeeding to check the troughs several times a day to see if they contain any feed. If the trough is empty, new feed is supplied. This allows fresh portions of feed to be supplied several times a day, depending on the rate of consumption. Sensor-Feeding allows smaller troughs to be used, making the most efficient use of the available floor surface space possible.

Even before your purchase, we will gladly advice you about the best solution for your situation. After that you can rely upon professional installation and service by Veldman Techniek BV.

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