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Farrowing stable


Veldman Techniek is your partner for everything related to Pigs. Because of our many years of experience, we can always provide you with advice or a customized product.

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Amerikaans kraamhok Veldman Techniek

American farrowing pen

The American farrowing pen is the most frequently supplied farrowing pen. We have now composed a robust and simple farrowing pen with a very high price/quality ratio. More information
Europees kraamhok Veldman

European farrowing pen

Curious about the specifications? More information

Free access farrowing pen

The free access farrowing pen has rounded rejects to protect the nursing piglets. More information

Water supply farrowing pen

A good water supply in the farrowing pen promotes the growth of piglets. More information

Under crawl

It is always difficult to regulate the right temperature in the farrowing pen. More information
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