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Waiting stable


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A waited stable can be realized in two ways: by group housing with feeding stations or by group pens with the Fix Feeding system. The stable can be provided with closed and slatted floors. The standard for solid floors is 1.6 square meters per sow. In addition, a house must have a minimum surface area of ​​2.05 square meters per sow.

Group housing

Since 2013 it has been a legal requirement to house pregnant sows in groups. Group housing is realized with a central area with feeding stations. The sows are fed individually by means of feeding stations, which ensures that each sow receives the correct nutrition and amount of nutrition.

Veldman Group is a dealer of Nedap Feeding Stations. The nutrition is very important for the sows, this not only ensures a better life, but also offers the sows a better return. It is therefore essential to take good care of the sows.

Group pens

Veldman Group supplies group pens with the Fix Feeding system. This is a system in which each sow is fed at the same time from a trough with short dividing fences. Feeding is done using dosators.

Below you will find an impression of the group housing for bearing sows.


Feed cubicles

Since 2013 it has been a legal requirement to house pregnant sows in groups. To this end, the sows were individually housed in feed cubicles. Nowadays these cubicles are still used, but it is necessary that the sows can leave the cubicle and use the corridor behind the feed cubicles. The advantage of the feed cubicles is that the sows are protected during feeding.


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