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Veldman Interior is your partner for everything related to stable interior for rabbits. Because of our many years of experience, we can always provide you with advice and a customized product.

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The Vekopark is a revolutionairy development in the field of park housing. Park housing is a new housing system for meat rabbits, in which the rabbits are kept in bigger groups.

The Vekoparks offer place to 36 rabbits as the standard. These rabbits will enjoy straw briquettes, 8 feeding places, 3 drinking nipples, and 3 escape tubes that will be mounted underneath the balconies. The floor and the jumping plateau are provided with synthetic rosters in an aluminium frame. Both are foldaway and therefore you will be able to clean them properly.


Advantages of the Vekopark:

  • The floor and the jumping plateau are mode of synthetic rosters that are mounted onto an aluminium frame. The rosters have a proper manure passage with a slit width of 11.5 mm. These rosters also have a flat structure on the bottom, no reinforcement ribs.
  • The floor and the jumping plateau are foldaway and therefore you will be able to clean them properly.
  • The rear wall and the side walls are made of closed white synthetic panels. These can be cleansed properly by means of a high pressure cleaner or steam cleaner. At the same time. No re-pollution takes place during the cleaning.
  • Closed rear- and side walls also provide a smaller infection pressure.
  • The fronts can be set to a low service height, so that the rabbits can be handled easily.
  • As building package or completely installed.
  • Easy assembly.
  • The vekopark can be executed with manure belts or manure slides.
  • Modular construction so that the system can be fitted into every stable (parks have a length of 205 cm and a depth of 101 cm).



Opening the front is easy, also easy to fold upwards, of welded aluminium and the trellis is mounted with blind rivets. The handling is very light and can be done by anyone. That is why the front is not lowered, so rabbits do not have the chance to jump out.

The Vekoparks are developed by Veldman Techniek in Raalte. Veldman Tehcniek has many years of experience in the field of stable interior and stable technique. The feeding installation, the water installation with medication treatment and the ventilation system with possibly an air washer can therefore be installed as well.


Automated manure system

An automated manure system can also be installed and in combination with Veldman Bouw, a completely new stable can be built. Veldman Bouw has many years of experience in stable construction in the North-East of the Netherlands. Veldman Techniek has sufficient expertise in the field of sustainable technique, such as solar energy, heat pump technique, and biomass combustion kettles.
The Veldman Group can therefore unburden rabbit keepers for a big part when it comes to housing.

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