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Build pigsty in Rekken

We have built a new pigsty in Rekken. This project is carried out by our unique combination of Veldman Construction and Veldman Techniek. The stable is equipped with an air scrubber, ventilation doors and air inlets in the side walls. Good ventilation of your pigsty is very important.

An indirect air inlet is used for the ventilation in Rekken. The air comes from outside under the convex floors to the central corridor. This eliminates wind influences and this has a conditioning effect. This provides cooling in the summer and warming in the winter. In addition, during the hot summer days, the air can still be cooled by means of high-pressure mist cooling, this is cooling by means of the evaporation of water.

From the central corridor, the air enters the department through a perforated door to the pigs. The air speed is limited by the perforated door, which ensures good air distribution in the department. This gives all pigs sufficient fresh air. There is a light measuring / throttling unit at the top of the department. This ensures that the desired amount of air in the section is refreshed. By means of a climate computer, it is determined per section based on the temperature in the relevant section and the age of the pigs how much air is being refreshed. The measuring / throttling unit is placed in the extraction duct. The air leaves the house through the extraction channel through a biological air scrubber. This air scrubber reduced ammonia, dust and odor emissions.

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