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Combined air scrubbers

Necessary evil or the solution?

Most livestock owners would rather get rid of it, but for the civilian and the government it is the solution: ‘the air scrubber’. The air scrubber has been fairly standard in pig farming for several years now, however, it begins to find its way to other sectors as well. An air scrubber also offers possibilities for cattle- and goat owners for example.

Air Scrubbers can be divided into reverse flow, cross flow and direct flow wahsers because of the way in which the outgoing (filthy) stable air and the washing water flow through the filters of the scrubber. For livestock owners there are (next to the execution) three (allowed) washing systems available:
– Biological System
– Chemical System
– Combined System

We have installed a combined system by this customer. There is also a storage room under this air scrubber. Also interested in an air scrubber? Please contact us through or call 0572-382980.

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