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Pan feeding system


Veldman Techniek is your partner for everything related to poultry. Although Veldman has been active in poultry for years, since recently we are able to supply the complete package, from building shell to installations. Something that is unique in the Dutch market.

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Pan feeding (Landmeco)

Feeding pan with Kick-off (patented)

It is crucial that day-old chicks have the best possible conditions from the start. This requirement is met by the kick-off feeding system which provides centrally controlled overfilling of all pans at the same time. The kick-off feeding is controlled centrally by one single operation for each feed line (rotating the pipe), which is extremely time-saving and more or less eliminates the need for manual work otherwise connected with providing feed on the floor/paper.

As the only system, kick-off provides the possibility of feeding day-old chicks regularly with many small meals. If this has to be done manually, it is extremely difficult and time-consuming. With kick-off 0.5 kg of feed is supllied pr. outlet. It is furthermore possible, to combine the kickoff feeding with ”full overflow”, where about 1.3 kg of feed is supplied per outlet.

+ 30g The first weeks

The system stimulates the chicks’ curiosity and collectively activates them to seek fresh feed. Experiments have shown, that chick bodyweight is up to 30g higher than normal after the first week, when the kick-off system is used.

Voerpan met Kick-off

Easy-clean (patented)

As the only system, easy-clean provides the possibility of bringing all pans on a feed line into cleaning position by one single operation (central rotation of the pipe). In this position, all outlets are simultaneously closed, thus ensuring that the insides of pipes remain dry. Landmeco’s pans must not be disassembled for cleaning. Easy-clean is extremely timesaving and minimizes the manual work, which is typically connected to the cleaning process.

Voerpan Easy-clean

The facts


Landmeco has the patent on the solution with rotating the feed pipe relative to the feed string and thus the kick-off and easy-clean system.

The pan has a low edge (52 mm), which allows the day-old chicks easy access to the feed. Also, the chicks’ appetite improves as the feed remains fresher, because there is only app. 900 g feed in the pan. Another benefit is that the pan can be raised from the litter after only a few days.

No feed spillage

The pan was designed on the basis of requirements for no feed spillage. This is ensured by means of the specially designed pan edge and the integrated partitions. The feed is deposited at the correct distance from the pan edge, so that even day-old chicks can reach the feed without having to stand in the pan. This prevents the chicks from contaminating the feed with litter and droppings.

Transparent cone

Landmeco pans are with transparent cones, thus making it easy to see whether the cone and pan are clean. It also makes the quantity of feed in the pan visible, thus providing better conditions for the daily management.

Direct filling (optional)

When using direct filling, the feed lines are filled without having feed hoppers on each separate line. The down pipes are used as the only kind of feed storage. Having only one feed hopper makes cleaning so much easier, and it also simplifies timing the last feed prior to slaughter. Also, each feed line can start the cross auger individually, and thereby avoid the system to run empty.

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Vleeskuiken voerpannen kickoff landmeco

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