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Male feeding


Veldman Techniek is your partner for everything related to poultry. Although Veldman has been active in poultry for years, since recently we are able to supply the complete package, from building shell to installations. Something that is unique in the Dutch market.

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Matrix trough feeding system

  • A unique patented trough feeding system for males
  • Solid and durable construction
  • Minimal stress among birds, males eating side by side from the feedtrough
  • Matrix system contributes to better technical results resulting in higher fertility and hatchability
  • Feed quantity for each feeding pre dosed in the feedtrough, feedlevel adjustable with level adjuster every 3 meter
  • All males eat simultaneously, feed intake is better controlled and takes longer thanks to the flat bottom trough design
  • Matrix systems requires less space in the house than traditional male feeder lines
  • Better control and selection of males during the feeding
  • Fully automated with electric winching system
  • Easy central height adjustment of the feedtrough
  • Easy to clean, no need to disassemble when sanitizing the house

Panfeeding system with Special pan

  • Available in straight lines with tubes ø45mm and feed distribution via triangular holes for optimal feed distribution
  • Solid and high rotation drive unit, including motor protection switch and electronic level sensor in control pan
  • Special II feed pans without grill for better access, prevents comb injuries to mature males
  • Feed level adjuster available with or without divider lamellae
  • Design of the feedpan minimizes feed spillage
  • Fixation to the feeding tube with fixation clamps or anti swing clamps
  • Feedpans made of high quality, wear resistant material
  • Easy cleaning, cone can be removed

Male feed dispenser system

  • Available as straight line and circular system ø50mm
  • Feed quantity can be preset with the individually adjustable feed dispensers
  • Transparant telescopic drop tubes with Special II feed pans
  • Automatic opening of dispensers for simultaneous filling of all male feedpans with the complete daily ration
  • Central level adjustment of the feedpans
  • Feedpans and droptubes easy to remove with snap fit connection during sanitation of the houses
  • Distribution system ideal to combine with Rotra mini-spinfeeder
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