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Bell drinkers


Veldman Techniek is your partner for everything related to poultry. Although Veldman has been active in poultry for years, since recently we are able to supply the complete package, from building shell to installations. Something that is unique in the Dutch market.

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– High quality synthetic drinker;
– Maintenance free;
– Suitable for broilers, rearing pullets, layers and breeders;
– Design and choice of material allow easy and efficient cleaning;
– Valve consisting of high quality precision components for high reliability;
– Highly efficient water supply through Ø 10mm water supply tube, preventing
– Counter weight ballast rings prevent water spoillage;
– Water easily accessible for the birds;
– The free passageway does not hinder mother animals to get to the nests.

bell drinker

The water control panel ensures the water supply, which is guided via the closed circuit of Thylene hoses through the stable. The Sowa bell drinker is supplied with water through the closed circuit by means of a coupling and a PVC tube. The Sowa drinker has a waterflow regulating valve, allowing the user to adjust the water flow to desired level. The height of the Sowa bell drinkers can be adjusted by means of a height-adjuster or by means of a central winching system.

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