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Nipple drinking systems


Veldman Techniek is your partner for everything related to poultry. Although Veldman has been active in poultry for years, since recently we are able to supply the complete package, from building shell to installations. Something that is unique in the Dutch market.

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Drinking systems (Corti nipples)

Water is one of the most important factors determining the growth and health of broiler chickens. Landmeco has actively contributed to improving litter quality and solving foot pad problems by choosing nipples which keep litter dry without compromising product quality.

We attached great importance to whether the nipples could provide birds with the water they require, both as day-old chicks and when approaching slaughter weight, without any water spillage. All nipples can be activated 360° in any direction, giving even small day-old chicks easy access to water during the first critical days after the flock is introduced into the poultry house. The more the chicks grow, the more power they have to lift the nipple pen and thereby to increase the water stream. The more the nipple pen is lifted, the more water is supplied.

In our experience, litter quality and feed consumption can be significantly improved by choosing the right drinking system and following the usage instructions compiled by us.


Corti Piston Nipples

Corti piston nippels Landmeco

Corti piston nipples allow birds to drink up to 110 ml per minute. Thanks to its relatively thick trigger, the nipple closes quickly. Side pressure on the trigger produces a low yet constant water flow. The nipples are made of stainless steel.

Landmeco is the only supplier that offers Corti nipples with turned trigger pin. The turned trigger pin allows greatly improved control of water flow and prevents any water spillage from the nipple.


Advantages of nipple drinking systems

There are many advantage in the use of a closed drinking system, among which:
– Better hygiene;
– Better water temperature;
– Minimum water wastage;
– The drinking system is easy to clean by means of incorporated manual, or optionally atomatic, flushing    system;
– Labour saving;
– Easy access for birds to the drinking water;
– Optimal dosing of medication or other additives;
– Dry litter;
– Lower humidity and less ammonia in the poultry house.

For more and extensive information, we refer you to our folder. Which you can find below by clicking on the link.

Drinking water systems


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