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Heating in the stable

It is getting colder, so it is essential that proper heating is provided in the house. The heating can be performed in various ways, namely by means of delta panels / flat plates, underfloor heating or a circulating pump system.

The delta panels / flat plates dissipate a lot of heat over a relatively short distance. In addition, these panels / plates are easy to place in any barn.

You can also opt for underfloor heating. This allows large surfaces to be heated in a short time. Underfloor heating is increasingly common and with this you can quickly and effectively get heat from the floor to the animals.

The last option to heat the house is by means of a circulating pump system. In a circulating system it is possible to circulate without an external heat source. The heat that is released by the larger animals is transferred through the floor into the pipe and that heat is transported back to the animals that do have a heat demand. It is of course possible to heat with an external heat source.

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