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Build farrowing pen in Wierden

In Wierden we have built a new farrowing house with air scrubber.  This farrowing pen consists largely of a poured basement, where the ventilation through the basement enters as placed ventilation. The superstructure consists of a steel construction with concrete prefab facade elements with a modern skylight consisting of plastic frames in the longitudinal walls. In addition, the standard is fitted with Nooyen farrowing floors, these gratings are supported by Delta-I beams. After that, European farrowing pens will be placed in the farrowing pen. These activities are performed by our unique combination of Veldman Construction and Veldman Techniek. Veldman Bouw has carried out the entire construction in-house and Veldman Techniek provides the farrowing crate floors, stable equipment, ventilation and feeding machines.

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