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Loading containers

The work in our logistics department is very diverse. Trailers, trucks and buses are loaded for the inland, but we also regularly load containers to depart abroad. Loading a container is not only a matter of sliding pallets in it, it also involves a lot of administrative actions when transport crosses borders. This already starts with the packaging of the material, for each pallet it must be known what is on it and each pallet must be accompanied by a packing slip stating the dimensions and weight. In addition, it is very important that everyone is well attuned to each other during loading of the container.

There is a forklift driver, someone who puts the pallets in the container in the right place, someone who takes photos and someone who fills the air bags. Every person in this process contributes to the efficient and safe loading of the container. Because everyone has their own role, we can have a container fully loaded within an hour. Taking photos is very important so that in case of transport damage, you can always look back at how the material was in the container at the point of departure from our warehouse. The air bags ensure that everything stays in place during transport and that a satisfied customer is waiting for the ordered material at the end of the journey.

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